Reasons Why You Should Visit Lake District

If you want to spend the holidays in an excellent way and discover the beautiful tourist locations in Lake District, you should ensure that your stay is comfortable and that you do not face any problems visiting the tourist spots of the area. Obviously, you would like to rest peacefully after spending a hectic day visiting numerous tourist venues. It is due to this reason that you should find a suitable lake district accommodation to reside in. This region lies in Cumbria in the northwest part of England. This place is famous for its historic literary associations, rugged fell mountains, and glacial ribbon lakes. It is also well-known for its fantastic mountains and trails you can hike. One of the prime examples is the Scafell Pike. Boasting of a height of 978 meters, it is the highest mountain in England. This area also contains easy and simple walks, ideal for beginners. Those interested in seeking a challenge can try the more demanding trails. This district is one of the rare places, lucky enough to be bathed in beauty throughout the year. Here are details of some of the popular tourist attractions of the area.

Lake District National Park:

Covering an area of 1,343-square-kilometer, this park boasts of some of the loveliest scenery, tallest peak, and largest lakes of the country. Its nature and scenery inspired artists, poets, and writers, some of whom adopted this place as their home.

Lake Windermere:

The busiest and the most popular of the lakes, it is approximately 16 kilometers in length. If you desire, you can sightsee it with Windermere Lake Cruises that also serves as a ferry between points. Steam engines the Haverthwaite Railway carry tourists into Leven Valley, which lies at the lake's southern end. You also have the opportunity to combine the trip with a cruise of the lake.


It is the second largest lake in the district at less than two kilometres wide and 14 kilometers in length. Explore the lake on either 1889 Raven or the 1887 Lady of the lake, both of which depart from Pooley Bridge, an attractive village. This lake is a particularly favourite for both walkers and hikers who can combine the trail with boat rides for a twelve kilometre hike or follow the 32 kilometre Ullswater Way around the lake.


It is among the tallest peaks in the English Lake District. It also offers popular hikes for those who enjoy a rough scramble as well as for casual climbers. The Helvellyn Horseshoe was formed due to two geologic eras. The first was a volcano that left behind caldera shaped like a bowl, followed by the glaciers, which weathered it out and carved a rim into the Striding Edge, a knife-edge ridge.

Many other lakes that lie in close proximity to the area, all of which offers stunning sights for the tourists. You can easily spend an entire day touring one of them. However, at the end of the day you need a comfortable place to stay in. Staying in a Lake District accommodation that offers all amenities ensures that you can relax peacefully at night and wake up refreshed to visit the next lake.